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Entertainer smiling and laughing with VIP guests at red carpet event

A Smile Is The Prettiest Thing You Can Wear…

“Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today” – Tim Fargo

“Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today” – Tim Fargo


Ready to be interviewed wearing a Ralph Lauren striped shirt and Rode Wireless Go microphone
Being interviewed on the red carpet before performing a stage show at an Asian beauty pageant grand finale


­Accustomed to securing media coverage for his Clients when working in PR, now the roles are reversed for Girish! The irony is like many who chose to adopt a conscious living attitude, he tries to not watch the news or read newspapers. That being said, he does occasionally speak to the media and has been featured across multiple platforms including:

Television | Radio | Magazine | Newspaper | Online

He’s also collaborated with multiple brands across various sectors.

Below are just a few examples…


Media logo - UK 44, which is Sky Television channel 756


­Girish’s stage show at a beauty pageant gala dinner was featured on UK44 (Sky Television Channel 756).

Media logo - BizAsia, in association with Zee TV - the digital hub for media & entertainment


­Showbiz website BizAsia put Girish on their homepage after he launched online shows. They also featured how he ‘gave back‘ to the hospitality sector on his lockdown Birthday during Coronavirus.

Media logo - Barnet Community Radio


­Girish has been promoted as a local talent and believes the power of community spirit cannot be underestimated.

Media logo - Flounder Magazine (created by Journalism students of Cardiff University)


­Girish spoke about the importance of presence and active listening in the magazine’s issue on wellbeing, which also discussed toxic masculinity.

Logo of Girish Tailor - The International Indian Mind Reader


­Asian Express called Girish “London’s hottest magician after he won the first of multiple performing awards.

Media logo - Asiana TV (also a Wedding Magazine)


Asiana TV featured Girish a campaign which showcased creativity during Coronavirus.


Dressed elegantly in a red robe and silk gold shirt whilst seated on a cosy cream living room sofa, holding a flowers vase with red cushions and a luxury designer bag from Cartier in the background

More Details?

­If you’d like to interview Girish or collaborate with him, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. From time to time he does speak to the media and collaborates with brands he feels aligned to.

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